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The intensive educational courses were established in September, 2006 as a branch of Kiev International Jazz Seasons Project. Arcady Ovrutski, the head of the Academy, developed the concept of it as "a chance for Ukrainian young musicians to learn from the bearers of jazz culture, to communicate, absorb knowledge and get practice in playing real jazz". It should be said that the Academy is something unique for Ukraine, since there are no similar projects here. The Academy is no ordinary master-class but a series of jazz clinics. Academy students are led through a row of theoretical stuff which is combined with numerous practical classes at which learners work out a jazz program; as a result there is carried out a Final Concert at the end of a course.

Frank Lacy, Steve Slagle, Gregory Porter, Kim Plainfield are among the tutors.

Ukrainian mass media made very gratifying comments on the Jazz Intensives that took place in September, 2006 and in December, 2006: "The brass winds fill the air with an expressive polyphony, free-jazz tenor saxophone floating over it. Now its sound descends to a hardly comprehended hissing, then it hits your ears with high shrieking notes. All at once everything ends, brass winds play some pumping up tunes, abound in long pauses, and the music turns into a chaotic nervous vibration again... Desperation, pain, insanity and hatred are interwoven in this crazy dance. A powerful stuff. You can rarely hear something of the kind down here, in Ukraine, - a collective improvisation is not that widespread in our bands. That's been a great surprise from an Academy big-band headed by frank Lacy."

(Ivan Condratov, UAjazz.Com)



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