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We've been making a series of jazz concerts in Kiev for more than a year. Now we recall that many people participated in establishing the International Jazz Seasons Project in Kiev. At the time we began there were several associates involved in it. Peter Poltarev, Kiev jazz school's headmaster and Minister's of Cultural Affairs council was one of those who made the first steps in our "venture enterprise". Helen Suprun helped us establish public relations.

However, the lion's share of work, as well as the very concept of Jazz Seasons, belonged to a jazz bass-guitar player and art-manager of the project, Arcady Ovrutski. Arcady happened to study at Berklee School and at John Patitucci's "Collective". The time he spent at both schools let him make acquaintance with a number of American artists. Arcady told them of his Motherland and many of them found it great to go to Ukraine and present their music to Ukrainian audience. That's the way The International Jazz Seasons Project was founded.

In spite of the fact that Arcady's schedule has always been more than abundant in performances beyond Ukraine, he managed to organize concerts with American jazz stars. Moreover, this project grew to be the most successful regular jazz happening in Kiev, which speaks values.

Supported by Philarmonic Hall director Alex Podolian and Conservatory President Vladimir Rozhok, Jazz Seasons Project has a constant stage. Alex Kogan And Peter Poltarev appeared as perfect conferenciers for the nights.

At present The International Jazz Seasons Project enters a new stage of progress. The whole responsibility for it lies on the shoulders of a single person, Arcady Ovrutski. Besides Jazz Seasons, every 6 months Arcady organizes intensive jazz courses for youngsters, - Kiev International Jazz Academy. This selfless titanic work demands a lot of energy, patience and efforts. Arcady has a faith he'll get through, for the higher goal cries for it.

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